Life Path Number 9 – Relationships, Career, Personality

Life Path Number 9 meaning, personality and characteristics. The quest for the source of human wisdom is an ancient one. Number nine is the seeker ,he seeker of knowledge that can stand on is own two feet without much support. That has a strong sense of responsibility to help others and children.

It’s important to remember that you are unique

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Life path number 9 is a number of idealistic humanitarian. They are good at giving and helping others. They have good imagination and creativity, they can put their own ideas to work and come up with some amazing innovations. Number 9 life path individuals love freedom, they will avoid any kind of restrictions and limitations.

The life path number 9 is a number of completion. It is based on the sum of the first digits in your birth date. The life path number indicates the lessons you must complete in this lifetime, and the higher the number, a more challenging path it will be.

The essence of life path number 9 is being the mediator, the peacemaker and take care of people. The 9 personality will always do more than enough for others without asking for anything in return.

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