How to Manifest someone to text you 7 tip’s and mystery Guide

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The first thing you need to do is believe that it is possible to manifest someone to text you.

You need to believe that it is possible before you will be able to manifest the desired result. You can’t believe that it is possible part of the time, or most of the time. If you don’t believe it is possible, then do not even waste your time trying to manifest someone to text you.

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How to manifest someone to text you 7 tip's and mystery guide
How to manifest someone to text you 7 tip’s and mystery guide

If you are not believing that it is possible, then there are some steps that you can take in order to bring yourself into a belief system where manifestation occurs regularly and easily:

  • Do affirmations in which you talk about how easy it is for you to manifest what you want. Here are some examples: “I am so grateful for the many amazing things I have manifested in my life! Manifested opportunities and relationships come easily and effortlessly! I always experience success with my manifestations!”
  • Do visualizations where there are manifestations arriving quickly and effortlessly with positive results.

Get clear on who you want to text you.

When you’re manifesting someone to text you, the first step is to get crystal clear on who it is that you really want to be texting you.

If they are your ex, is it because they keep popping up in your head and you just want them out of your system? Are they somebody that keeps crossing your mind over and over again and you can’t seem to shake them from your head?

Or do you want a completely new person to text you that could be a potential love interest or just a friend?

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How To Manifest Them To Text You FAST

  • Set Clear Intentions

If you want to manifest a text from someone, you must first set your intentions. If you’re sitting around and just hoping for them to text you, you will never see it happen. This isn’t how the Law of Attraction works. You must be clear about what it is that you want.

Ask yourself: why do I want to manifest this person? What is my intention behind attracting them into my life? How would I feel if they texted me today? Will this serve me well and help me create a better version of myself? Think about these things and write down your answers in your journal. Be specific with your intentions and try not to limit yourself as much as possible! The clearer your intentions are, the more likely they’ll become a reality.

Manifest someone to text you

  • Use Affirmations
  • “I am worthy of receiving texts.”
  • “My phone is flooded with texts.”
  • “I am confident in myself.”

Once you’ve set clear intentions, it’s time to use affirmations to assist with your manifestation process! These statements should be positive declarations that will help push away any negative or doubtful thoughts that may be hindering the manifestation from coming into fruition. It’s important not to sound wishy washy when stating these affirmations out loud or in your head—they need to be said with conviction! Say them throughout the day; there’s nothing wrong with repeating them multiple times until you believe what they say 100%.

Imagine yourself texting and receiving a message from that person.

Next, you want to visualize the small details of the interaction. See yourself texting them, imagine the text bubbles and see the words on your screen. Take this a step further by imagining how they will respond to you and what you will say back to them. Visualize this interaction unfolding exactly as you want it to unfold in real life. You can even imagine what people around you will be saying about your interaction with that person or just visualize yourself smiling, laughing and enjoying the interaction! The more you can imagine yourself going through these scenarios, the more real they become for the universe! Manifest someone to text you

Visualize their response to your questions.

A lot of people, when they’re starting out with the Law of Attraction and manifestation, try to visualize the response they want before they even send their question.

This is okay—in fact, it can be really helpful, especially if you have a specific response in mind that you’d like someone to give you.

If you do this successfully enough (visualizing their response to your questions) and for long enough (about 15 minutes), you’ll start to believe in your reality (the one where the person responds favorably) so much that you’ll actually affect the way they respond when they get back to you!

You don’t have to visualize a response from them after sending your text message. You can visualize it beforehand, too.

Ask your guides and angels to help them respond.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “to ask is to receive”? It’s so simple, but it’s such an important key to manifesting your desires. Do you want someone to respond? Then ask for it. Manifest someone to text you

If you are a spiritual being (and I know you are), then it means that you have access to all sorts of magical assistance. You can ask your guides and angels (your higher self or whoever else) to help them respond. You can’t really mess this up! The more specific the request, the better results you will get, but don’t be afraid to leave room open for the Universe or God or Source or Spirit to come up with outside-of-the-box solutions that may work even better than what you asked for!

You might have noticed from my phrasing here that I tend to view these guides and angels as helpers as opposed to just abstract forces that move through us blindly. There’s nothing wrong with this either! Just know that personalizing our relationship with these beings is a great way to feel more connected and empowered during our manifestation process.

So say something like: “I’m asking my guides, spirit team, angels and god/dess(es) of love, light and abundance… [give them a specific request]. Thank you thank you thank you! So it is.”

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Write down how you want it to unfold.

Although you can perform a manifestation ritual at any time, it will be more effective if you do it on a Monday. This is because the day ‘Monday’ is derived from the word ‘Moon-day’ and the moon represents psychic energy. Also, remember that you are in control of the situation and of how the story unfolds. Manifest someone to text you

The next step is to write down how you want it to unfold. If you want someone to text you, then be as specific as possible about who, what, when, where and why. By being specific, your goal will be much easier to achieve because your subconscious mind knows exactly what you want. If there were two people texting me and I wasn’t sure which one my soulmate was… Well, that would be very confusing for my subconscious mind!

Give thanks that it’s already done.

When you feel grateful, you are telling the universe that you already have everything you need. This is a sign of abundance and prosperity. Giving thanks for what’s on its way tells your spirit guides that you appreciate their help and assistance.

Being in an attitude of gratitude sends the message to the Universe that they can indeed trust you with more. Gratitude is a powerful feeling – it opens up your heart chakra and allows good things to come in.

You can invite your Spirit Guides and Angels to help you manifest what you want.

When you’re manifesting what you want, it’s important to know that the help of your Angels and Spirit Guides is available.

You can invite them to help you in a variety of ways. You could ask them to bring you signs that you are on the right track or have received guidance about what you want to manifest. You could also ask them to help you get very clear what the best version of this person texting you would look like, so that there’s no doubt about whether that person texting was due to your spiritual practice or not. I’ve found it useful to also ask for their assistance in letting go of any resistance I might experience when receiving what I’ve asked for. It’s rare for me not to feel some fear around receiving my manifestations; after all, these desires come from a part of me that often feels unsupported and unworthy. When I work with my Spirit Guides to release any blockages and give over control, then each manifestation becomes an opportunity for growth and healing, rather than just an item off my “to-do” list

Can You Really Manifest A Text From Someone Specific?

But can you manifest a text from someone specific?

The answer is yes, but there are caveats.

If you want to manifest someone specific to text you, it’s best to take the guesswork out of what type of relationship this person should have with you.

4 Easy Ways To Manifest A Text Message

  • Clear your mind of all distractions:

While everyone gets distracted from time to time, it’s important to take a moment and clear the clutter in your mind. Think about what you want to receive and imagine that person congratulating you on your efforts. It may also help pass the time if you listen to a song or make something else with clay (read: ignore everyone else when they ask you what are you doing)

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How Long Does It Take To Manifest A Text?

How long it takes to manifest a text from someone will vary from person to person. It all depends on that person and how much energy you put into the manifestation process. If you are manifesting someone who is close by, it will take less time than if you are manifesting someone across the country or even across the world. Manifestation is all about energy, so if your energy is focused on one particular outcome, then you can expect that outcome to happen faster rather than slower.

When determining how long it will take for your intended text message to come through, think about what type of person they are as well as their communication style with others in general. For example, if they tend to be more outgoing and extroverted, then they may be quicker at responding to messages than someone who tends toward introversion and shyness.

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Can It Be A Bad Idea To Manifest A Text?

If you’re manifesting a text from someone, make sure that it’s not just because you want them to leave you alone. While it might be tempting to use manifestation for revenge—and believe me, I have been there—you should be aware that what you create is most likely going to come back in your direction eventually. It’s always better to forgive and move on than invoke the universe’s wrath with a petty request. However, if you are longing for an exchange of some kind, then by all means: manifest away!

How To Know If Someone Is Manifesting You To Text Them

You might get a text from them. It’s possible you could even get a text from someone you haven’t heard from in a while or someone who hasn’t been on your mind recently. It’s possible that a loved one texts you out of the blue or someone unexpected contacts you. Basically, the Universe will do whatever it can to make sure the person they want to manifest in your life is actually present and active in your thoughts—and getting a text from them is one such way that they can accomplish this goal.

What Happens If Someone Is Manifesting You To Text Them?

  • You are probably feeling like you want to talk to me.
  • You definitely feel good vibes when you think of me.
  • You have been finding little signs and messages encouraging you to text me.
  • You feel happy and lighter when you finally do text me!

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