The Raikov Effect – 7 FREE MP3 downloads for turning your brain into a genius

So far, out of all the different types of hypnosis methods invented, the Raikov Effect is the one that is most popular. (raikov effect mp3 free download)

How exactly does it work? What is the process? How can you use it to your advantage?

There are five free Raikov Effect MP3 downloads below to help you ‘brain hack’ yourself into a successful genius.

Raikov Effect Free MP3 Downloads:

As an introduction to the Raikov Effect, I would like to invite you to experience it yourself. Hence, you can download 5 free recordings from the list below.

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The Raikov Effect: What Is It?


Vladimir Raikov invented a phenomenon called the Raikov Effect
The Raikov Effect was invented in 1970 by Russian neuropsychologist, Dr. Vladimir Raikov. Researchers found that the Russian Neurologist’s method was highly effective for human minds.

As a result of the Raikov effect, the human brain is boosted to believe it has achieved the goal it wishes to achieve, and imagine getting it through self-hypnosis.

Almost all of us suffer from some level of anxiety and self-doubt. We all have doubts, but sometimes they are so strong that they hinder our careers.

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It is possible, however, with the Raikov Effect to transform your own mindset from one of doubt and uncertainty into one of belief.

How to discover your hidden abilities through the Raikov Effect?
Eventually, they became motivated to achieve extraordinary feats by the long lasting effect of Raikov. Before the experiment, the participants had no idea how powerful they were.

Therefore, the Raikov effect seeks to guide individuals toward discovering their authentic self or power(s).

The program does this by utilizing your powerful subconscious mind to implement new ideas into your thinking.

Apparently Dr. Raikov could even turn science majors into music producers merely by allowing their minds to ‘transcend into another dimension’, although I personally have mixed feelings about this.

The Raikov Effect consists of what methods?

raikov effect review
raikov effect review

A pink and blue image of a brain that illustrates the Raikov effect Free Download
Essentially, the Raikov effect tries to trick a person’s brain into thinking they possess skills and knowledge they do not actually possess at the given moment.

Raikov Effect creator Vladimir Raikov, has only ever included three methods for achieving the Raikov Effect’s goal:

  1. Utilizing The Power Of Imagination
    Vladimir Raikov first and foremost would greatly encourage a student’s imagination power.

As the student did this, he or she became able to imagine himself or herself as the individual they desired to become.

The student’s imagination had no impact on the process. Whatever their profession, whether a musician, a successful investor or a Fortune 500 CEO.

Students didn’t have to determine their exact identity or function as long as their imaginations aligned with an insatiable desire.

  1. A trait or skill is injected
    Vladimir Raikov will regress the candidate into his or her childhood memories once the student has fully embraced their imaginations.

We hope to transmit a new sense of identity connected to the children’s childhood memories, substituting childhood experiences for visions of what the students always wanted to be.

A verbal hypnotic suggestion would then be placed into the subconscious mind using hypnosis.

By placing the skill-related suggestions, which are also called ‘injections of skills or traits’, the student was able to believe that their new identity was a real one.

  1. Putting It Into Practice (an example)
    Vladimir Raikov would encourage the candidates to implement their results after completing the first two steps mentioned above.

According to him, this was an essential step in understanding the whole progress. Astonishing results followed.

Women could be hypnotized into believing they were talented violinists, as there is a famous example.

Next time she attended violin class, she could go straight from beginner to advanced. After she no longer was under hypnosis, she retained her abilities.

It was found that once told that they were good at drawing, singing, or thinking like professionals, the results were similar.

It should be noted that most of the cases experienced the Raikov effect, although this is not a 100% guarantee.

In hypnosis as well, the effectiveness depends partly on how open your mind is. Therefore, resistance may negatively impact the desired outcome.

The Raikov Effect MP3’s – How To Apply It?

An individual listening to the Raikov Effect MP3 for the purpose of changing her mindset.
A Raikov Effect assessment is a self-hypnosis assessment whereby a person can hypnotize herself or himself to ‘manipulate the mind’ into acquiring a skill or knowledge she or he desires.

There are several steps involved in the whole self-hypnosis process of altering the subconscious mind. Following the steps below will enable you to effectively carry out this process.

  1. Let Your Mind Relax
    Starting with relaxing the mind is the first step. In order to achieve complete relaxation, one must relax their minds. Only relaxed minds can be free of conscious inhibitions.

A subconscious mind does not consciously resist new suggestions unless it is in a trans-like state.

It is possible to do this in several ways. Relaxing music, nature sounds, or focusing on your breathing frequency are all suitable methods.

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you wish to be
    The Raikov Effect self-hypnosis MP3’s tell you to picture yourself having the skill you desire.

What makes this so important? In brain scans, researchers have shown that when we imagine something, the same parts of our brain are used as when we actually see it.

This new perception of reality can be influenced by visualizing. So, gradually, your character will become dimensional through the thoughts generated by your mind.

  1. Take a step into their shoes
    If you’re interested in becoming a music producer, here are some steps you should take. If that were the case, you could learn from the best music producers in the world.

It is essential that you think like them. And the best way to do this is by placing yourself in the other person’s shoes. This is something we recommend with a strong conviction, taking into account our thoughts, feelings, and souls.

Once you start believing you are a music producer, your mind will come to believe that. Raikov even suggests that you should be like that person in terms of the way you think, taste, and act.

  1. Physically anchor the anchor

During the listening of the Raikov Effect’s hypnosis mp3s, you will be alone throughout the process. It will not be possible to have a psychologist guide you through your self-hypnosis session close to you.

It may be necessary to find a ‘point of anchorage’ for yourself in such circumstances. It is usually suggested that when listening to Raikov’s MP3, you press your thumb on another finger.

As you listen to the audio, you create the feeling of returning to the moment when you imagined yourself sitting there.

  1. Don’t hesitate to act

Now is the time to seize the opportunity before you. You may have to persevere – and practice – if you want to truly succeed.

It is important to listen to the Raikov Effect MP3’s regularly, but you must in order to gain the maximum benefits from them.

In order to achieve its full effects, we recommend that you remain consistent and dedicated.

Lastly, a few thoughts

This is the easiest and most advanced way to hypnotize yourself. The Free Raikov Effect MP3’s above are great for a person who is currently crippled by fear and doubt and is willing to move into becoming who they desire.

There is nothing to lose, especially if you use the free recordings listed above.

Slow results are also no cause for concern. Each individual’s journey is unique and requires a unique amount of time. raikov effect review

If you want to reach your goal, you have to be dedicated and consistent, and repeat the process repeatedly.

Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy its magnificent results consistently.

The Raikov Effect & Free MP3 Downloads?

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