Soul urge number 1| Heart’s Desire 1 Meaning


Soul urge number 1
Soul urge number 1

Many ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and the Mayans, used numbers to gain a deeper understanding of the Universe.

According to the Pythagorean system, all is number: “all is number”. Your soul urge number is the number that determines the general nature of your life. You have many other numbers which all have a part to play in how your life unfolds. If you haven’t had your numerology chart read yet, click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover how your soul urge is the key to understanding how the other numbers in your chart will impact your life.

What does your soul urge number mean?

People number their souls to determine the main reason behind their actions.

Some people are destined to be great at things like finance or politics, and are perhaps destined to achieve a lot of wealth.

Success in our society is achieved by meeting certain standards, and those who fall short of them have a difficult time finding a job.

The soul has an urge for others, maybe towards healing professions. Knowing your soul’s urge can help you figure out your heart’s desire that will lead you to happiness.

How is soul urge number calculated?

The soul urge number can easily be calculated by taking the vowels in your birth name, and combining them into a numerology formula.

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What does Soul Urger Number 1 mean?

In order to determine what makes you happiest in this life, you need to know what number is associated with your soul urge number 1. That number reveals whether you are more drawn to the positive traits of soul urge number 1 or the negative traits of soul urge number 1.

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Strong leadership abilities

People may expect from ‘1’ independence, individuality, and originality.

You’re are a born leader, not a follower.

Soul urge number 1 is all about your creativity, leadership and high standards.

You can utilize your great willpower and energy to manifest whatever you wish. This energy allows you to create anything you want.

The first of soul urge 1 enables you to make difficult decisions that others might shy away from.

People trust your judgments and admire you. They’re probably envious of you, too. Follow the wise advice of your soul and work hard to manifest the results you want. If you’re ready to do the work, success will come to you.

Whilst your heart may want one thing, your destiny may want another and it’s important to find balance and harmony between your core numbers. It’s vital to find harmony and balance between your heart and soul. Your heart may be passionate about one thing and your soul wants something else.

You have Charismatic personality

You may sometimes find yourself at the cent of attention. Whether you’ve done it consciously or not, you may find yourself at the centre of attention.

This is because “1” includes both a great amount of hard work and a sense of responsibility towards others. Because you like to lead, you have a responsibility to work hard and get things done. Besides, you have a compelling personality, which people often respect. So, your personality makes you a fun person to be around.

Infectious enthusiasm

Your intellect makes you not be interested in most things. It makes you find out more about topics than most people.

You only commit to things you absolutely believe in. Once you do, you’re able to spread that enthusiasm throughout the world.

As a leader, you are not going to let others impose their views on you. You will make up your own mind about issues and hold strong opinions. Others may respect your independence. But they may appreciate a healthy dose of controversy. When you express controversial ideas, they may think you’re only making them up. Your views are often controversial because other people haven’t looked deeply into a particular topic.

Confidence vs. arrogance

Often, as someone with 1 for soul urge, you may feel that you are the only qualified person in a group of people. This gives you the confidence you need to get people to follow your ideas. However, you should remember that not everyone wants to be led.

At work, your leadership skills may be unsurpassed. But at home, different rules apply. At home, you may be the boss, but you need to be able to be more flexible when it comes to your family life. You may be very organized, but you need to relax some.

Competitive person

You’re often driven by competitive desire (partly because you know you’re convinced you’re going to win), but if you have a need for affection, you may struggle to curb your competitiveness.

It could bring out some aspects of your personality that you’d rather avoid. Learn to let go of winning sometimes.

Developing your authentic self

Leadership is best demonstrated by being authentic.

It’s always there – you can access it.

If you have soul urge number 1, you have an inherent need to be a trailblazer and go where others have not yet gone.

By age 20, a person needs to know his true self in order to become a leader. Only then will he be able to motivate others to follow him. But until then, the need to be a leader could become a prison of sorts, keeping the leader from feeling himself fully.

When you face obstacles in life, you should learn to overcome them. This doesn’t mean giving up and just sitting around complaining. You need to focus on achieving goals and never letting your ego hold you back. You should always push yourself to do your best. And when you reach for the stars, don’t let fear stop you. Reach out for your dreams and don’t let your ego get in the way.

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